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Namal is sure to be the next President,which no one could stop
The Ambassador for Sri Lanka in Iran Faisal Rashin had added that in relation to the work the Rajapaksa’a has done to the country there is no doubt that the next President would be Namal Rajapaksa.

The Ambassador stressed this while speaking at a ceremony which was held in parallel to felicitating Chamal Rajapaksa’s birth anniversary in Hambantota on the 3rd when a training institute for women was opened for stitching garments

While wishing long life for the Speaker Chamal Rajapaksa, the Ambassador Faisal Rashin stressed that in Hambantota district there have been many projects that had commenced and they have been in good  progress.

He added further saying that in an era where many countries are engaged in various types of wars, he HE President was the only person who was able to successfully defeat terrorism and bring peace to Sri Lanka. He has been named as the ‘Lion of Asia’ and that it is a great dignity to the country.

In this context forgetting all differences in communities, caste and parties all should get together and help the Rajapaksa’s to stride forwards in unity and for prosperity was stressed by Faisal Rashin.