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Whitening Creams harmful for skin
The Centre for Environmental Studies, Sri Lanka in a research carried out recently has found high levels of mercury in several samples of whitening creams.

The study titled 'Mercury in Cosmetics' have tested several locally and imported samples whitening creams and found that the levels of mercury ranged from 0.5 parts per million to 30,000 ppm

The study points out that Mercury is used in whitening creams to prevent the formation of a natural pigment that makes the skin dark. The study says that this pigment Melanie protects the skin from the harmful effects of ultra violet rays and too much exposure to these rays can lead to skin cancer.

Due to this adverse health risk, the European Union has banned the use of mercury in whitening creams. Following the study, the Centre for Environmental Studies has recommended new regulations for the use of mercury in cosmetics to the Cosmetics Devices and Drugs Authority and it has recommended that the level of mercury should be as low as 0.5 ppm or ban its use as in the EU