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Rally round to defeat Geneva conspiracy – Minister Basil

The dollar vulture Non Governmental Organizations and anti national elements in Sri Lanka in collaboration with pro-tiger terrorist groups overseas are making every effort to isolate the government and the people of Sri Lanka through the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.

The time has come for people to rise up against this conspiracy and express their solidarity with the government.  These anti-Sri Lankan vicious elements are attempting to project the opinion of a minority in the country as the majority opinion despite a massive mandate being enjoyed by the government.

This was stated by Minister of Economic Development Mr. Basil Rajapaksa when he declared open the United People’s Freedom Alliance election office at Slave Island Tuesday (18).

Speaking further the Minister emphasized that the people devoid of petty differences should rally round the government and should express their strong opposition to the conspirators. The Minister said that the only objective of the anti-Sri Lankan vicious elements is to establish a puppet regime in Sri Lanka and control the Indian Ocean region by establishing their bases in the region.

Senior Minister A.H.M.Fowzie and several other Parliamentarians and regional politicians addressed the gathering.