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Dr.Telli C Rajaratnam - We remember that the Independence of Ceylon (as Sri Lanka was known) was on February 4th, 1948. We obtained independence from the British Rule, by smooth transition after India gained its independence.

Our Patriots declared that we are a people created equal, free to think and worship as we feel. We were no longer colonists. We obtained our own identity and our destiny would not be determined for us but our destiny will be determined by us.

We honour our patriots who contributed towards that endeavour. But the crucial factor is the independence gained by defeating terror and granting freedom to the entire Nation was under the leadership of President Mahinda Rajapaksa in the midst of so much interference from developed countries with vested interests is far greater achievement in the history of this country.

There shall be one law for all. The territorial law of Sri Lanka shall be the same for the entire country. Every citizen has a right to choose his residence. Each citizen has a right to live in any part of Sri Lanka. The Tamils must cease to talk of North and the East as motherland. There shall be only one race - the human race,  one nation the nation of Sri Lanka, one sovereign - the Executive President,  one leader -President MahindaRajapaksa,  elected by the people for the people.