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Two of the passengers with stolen Austrian and Italian passports were Iranian citizens. Iran had worked with countries like North Korea on numerous classified projects in the past. Ironically today the Iranian media reports about a recent scenario suggests the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 might have been hijacked and taken to a secret location.

Iranian Press TV reporter Nasser Namvar stated on this Iranian state sponsored news network:

“What counts is that some individual or individuals were on board with malice aforethought. Then they took control of the plane and made it steer off course, it is assumed.”

The presumed location where the jetliner might have landed could be digitally protected to block any incoming signals that might be able to detect the aircraft, the journalist further writes.

“The airliner could have been taken to a top-secret location heavily protected by state-of-the-art electronic systems which send out beams to create a digital shield, a protective dome which not only traps any outgoing signal, but holds back incoming ones, making the area impenetrable to any digital transmission,” says the Press TV contributor.

He suggests the presumed location must be a major military base to be able to accommodate the giant plane.

“Note that the airliner was a Boeing 777-220ER, which is six stories high and 209 ft (64 meters) long, with a wingspan of 200 ft (61 meters),” Namvar explains.

“Such a monster needs a colossal runway to land, which suggests the supposed location must be a massive structure. That would mean the location, which supposedly enjoys overarching digital protection, could be something of a gigantic military base,” he further notes.

The motive behind the presumed hijacking is still anybody’s guess, he says.

eTN picked up reports on numerous occasions from various sources about the aircraft may have been hijacked and landed in North Korea. Spy agencies in North Korea may be very interested in the state of the art Boeing 777 technology.

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 vanished from radar screens without a trace on March 8. Search and rescue teams from over two dozen countries have been combing large swaths of sea and land in the hope of finding a trace of the missing airliner, but all investigations have drawn a blank so far.